Pokemon TCG Pre-Regional Tournament 26/1/24
In Stock!

We're welcoming all pokemon players to Justplay on the eve of your all important regionals! 

Giving you one last chance to test your mettle before the main event and potentially score some brand new Paldean Fates products as well!* 

With a cap of 24 players we're aiming for at least a 16 player event with the following 

4 rounds of Swiss (30 mins, best of one)

A top 4 cut (50 mins, best of 3) 

Start Time: 6:00 pm last minute sign up period (if any tickets remain) 

6:30 pm Round 1 start. 

Every player gets 1 paradox rift booster on entry

The Prize structure at 16 people is as follows: 

1st - Ultra Premium Collection: 151 OR 2 Paldean Fates ETB AND a Paldean booster bundle*
2nd -1  a Paldean fates Elite Trainer Box
3 - 4 -  a Paldean fates booster bundle each*
5 - 8th - 3 paradox rift boosters each

Every player after 16 puts £10 worth of Store credit into a prize pot to be divided amongst the top players and the top 8 when thresholds are reached

In the unlikely event 16 players are not reached the event will instead follow the below if we reach 8 players

1st place - 1 Paldean fates Elite Trainer Box
2nd - 4th -Paldean fates booster bundle each*

Every player after that up to 15 adds £10 of credit towards pokemon products into a prize pool

Below 8 players packs for every entry will be added to prize pool to be divided amongst the top performing players 

Hope to see you all there! 

*In the event paldean fates is delayed outside of store control or the staggered release of the set affects this. options will be offered including delayed prizing in the form of preorders or alternative prizing