Panzerwerfer 42 Battery (x4)
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Contains: 4x Panzerwerfer 42 (15cm) Rocket Launchers in metal and resin

Mobile rocket launchers address the main vulnerability of the near stationary NW41 Nebelwerfer rocket launcher. They can provide the same devastating support while allowing you to move them rapidly away from immediate counter-battery fire.

Based on the Opel Maultier Half track, the Panzerwerfer was armed with 10 rocket tubes on it's rear and was had a huge psychological impact against dug-in Allied Troops. Used extensively on all fronts during 1943-1945 they were fast, manoeuvrable and highly effective in their role.

The SALVO keyword allows for a larger area template when firing rockets. The Artillery Template is 6”/15cm square, while the Salvo Template is 10”/25cm square. Accordingly this covers more troops and targets, which combined with smoke bombardments make these a truly important support option for Bagration: German forces.