Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Store Championship 11/5/24
In Stock!

The return of Standard is nigh and the latest store championship shows it! 

The first in a long time to feature standard format as the front and centre and we've got the prizing to show for it 

As always the participating players will receive a yet to be revealed promo for entering 

Top 8 players will receive another at the start of the top 8 cut (if numbers are met) or at tournament end. 

The winner will receive a  full art no text promo that we are sure will meet the high standards set by the last one! 

and it doesn't end there, every player will receive an Outlaws Play Booster upon entry and Justplay will put 2 into the prize pool to be divided among the best performing players! 

We aim for a 50% , 25% , 15% and 10% split from 1st - 4th but this may be subject to change if identical records are present from 2nd to 4th place. 

At 16+ players there will be a top 8 Cut after a set number of rounds. 

Price: £15.99

Date: 11/05/24

Start Time: 12:00pm

Format: Standard