One Piece TCG:  Pirate Fest 17/11/23
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As one piece players flock to Liverpool we here at Justplay are hosting a grand pirate festival on the eve of the event! 

Competitive, high grade and ran in true tournament style you won't find it's equal anywhere in the city!

and with each player getting a promo pack and a booster pack on entry and justplay putting 3 booster packs into a prize pool per player there will be plenty of treasure for all! 


And that's not all. We have a grand prize on offer this time for the player who stands above the rest at the very end. They will receive the store launch Robin and Nami mat! 

The event structure will vary based on number of players with the basics as follows:

Ar 8+ players the event will consist of 4 rounds of swiss with a prize breakdown at 8 players as follows

1st place: 12 Packs PLUS THE MAT.

2nd Place: 6 packs

3rd Place: 4 Packs

4th Place: 2 Packs 


At 16+ Players the event will move to a 5 round swiss format with a top 4 cut at the end with the prizing at 16 players as follows

1st Place: 20 Packs PLUS THE MAT.

2nd: 10 Packs

3rd - 4th: 5 Packs 

5th - 8th: 2 Packs 



Sign ups for this event will be taken during the two week period prior to the event via BCP (Best Coast Pairings). All participants must register in advance and upload a decklist prior to the event and check in via BCP once instore on the day of the event. 


BCP Link:


5pm sign up 

5:30  Start

Swiss rounds: 30 mins with 5 mins allotted extra time, Best of One

Top Cut: 50 Min rounds with 10 mins allotted extra time, Best of Three