One Piece Card Game: Wings of Captain [OP-06] Prerelease Event: 10/03/23
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An early chance to get access to the newest set!:

It's time for the Sixth booster themed around Fishman Island, Thriller Bark and Germa!

This event is capped at 16 players and will be taking registration via BCP prior to the event. 

Each player will be supplied with 6 Wings of Captain packs upon entry to construct a deck to play with, with rounds going into a top cut needed. 

The Winner and Runner up will walk away with amazing Winner cards but everyone who participates will get a pre-release pack filled with some nice upgrades for any crew. 

 On the day! 

- Players will be able to use any Leader card they bring, normal deck building rules do not apply to the construction of the 40 card deck for this event 

- Players must bring 10 DON!! cards to assist in deck building, these are not supplied with the kit

- Player must play at least two rounds to qualify for their Prerelease pack

- Prerelease packs and promo cards MAY NOT be used as a sideboard or during deck construction

- Rounds will be 40 minutes each and  best of 1 with each match win being worth 3 points, draws being 1 and a loss being 0 in accordance with bandai regulations. There will be no top cut for this event.


Event Price: £25.99

Start Time: 1:00 pm 

Event Cap: 16 Players