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NaughtyK: Warhammer 40k ITC Event (Saturday 15/12/18)

NaughtyK: Warhammer 40k ITC Event (Saturday 15/12/18)


NaughtyK returns to finish off the year with a blast!

A one day, 3 game, 2000 point event. Results will be submitted to ITC rankings.

We'll also be providing a festive lunch for competitors. Do inform us of any dietary requirements when you buy your ticket - we can cater for almost anything as long as we know about it! 

In addition, each entrant receives £5 store credit, and store credit prizes are available for top finishers as follows:

1st - £30
2nd - £20
3rd - £10

We will be using the ITC Tournament Rules pack, unaltered - duplicate detachments are back on the menu! 

The only change we'll be making is a slight relaxing of the painting rules. While we encourage players to achieve "3 colours (or an obviously "complete" themed paint scheme) + base", we will accept any army that does not contain any models that are bare plastic or white/black/grey primer only. 

Armies including such models will be deducted points from their overall tournament score. 

Please also note the following from the ITC rules regarding painting:

"When using detachments in your army that contain models with different <Bracket> Faction Keywords, then they must be easily distinguished from other, similar faction models.

  • Example: Your army has a detachment of White Scars and a detachment of Ultramarines. The models in these different detachments must be easily identified by your opponent. An example of this would be painting the White Scars white and the Ultramarines blue so your opponent can easily identify which units belong to which detachment. It is not acceptable to have an army with multiple detachments of Space Marines painted in the same scheme wherein some of them are using different <bracket> faction keywords."

  • Players who don't follow this rule will have to choose a single <bracket> faction keyword for their similarly painted units for the duration of the tournament. 


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