NaughtyK Pod Tournament  (29/5/2021 - formerly October 2020)
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Please read our updated Covid-19 policy regarding events


This will be a 1-day, 10-player event - capacity is limited for everyone's safety. We'll have our fanciest newly revamped terrain out, plenty of space between tables and all the safety precautions you've come to expect at Justplay. 

To comply with the "Rule of 6" players will be randomly assigned to one of two pods upon registration, one of four and one of six. All your games for the day will be played within your pod.


We will be using 3 randomly determined Strike Force missions from Chapter Approved 2020, in three rounds of Swiss pairings. 

Terrain layouts will be clearly marked at the tables with terrain feature tags.


For everyone's greatest enjoyment we want this event to look its best - all armies must be fully battle-ready! Between rounds 1 and 2 we'll break for lunch, and players can vote for the Best Painted army. If you wish to be considered, array your army at the table you'll be playing on for round 2.


First Place will receive the NaughtyK trophy, with a £5 voucher for Best Painted!

Results will be submitted to the ITC world rankings.


9:30am Doors open for registration.
9.55am Announcements and first round pairings.
10.00am Round 1 Begins
12.30pm Round 1 Ends
1.00pm Round 2 Begins
3.30pm Round 2 Ends
3.45pm Round 3 Begins
6.15pm Round 3 Ends
6.30pm Award ceremony and tournament end

The round timer will be on display along with regular timing updates from the TO. Players should endeavour to play an equal number of turns in the allotted time where possible; when time on the round is called you will have 5 minutes to submit your result before the TO takes a result as it is on the table. Chess clocks are available on request.