NaughtyK GT Weekender (23+24 October 2021)
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Get out of your stasis crypt and polish your massive shoulder pads, players!  It's time for another NaughtyK Grand Tournament! 

Held over two days with forty players and five round, 2000pts armies, the results will be uploaded to the ITC rankings.

The Terrain

All tables will feature 4-6 pieces of Obscuring terrain including at least 4 large L-shape ruins, 8" - 10" a side. Each table will also feature 6-8 pieces of area terrain with some combination of Light, Dense and Heavy cover, which may be Difficult Ground. 

ALL terrain pieces will be physically labelled, on the piece itself, with their terrain traits for ease of identification. 


Each entrant receives a £5 gift voucher for use in our shop or online store.

Trophies for each of the top 3 finishing players and the winner of the Best Army award.

Armies & Sign Up

You must sign up to the event on BCP (create an account on BCP if you do not have one) and submit your list BEFORE midday on Wednesday 28th July, using the following link:

All Matched Play legal units and upgrades released on or before 24th July 2021 are allowed in the event. All points costs must be drawn from the Munitorum Field Manual 2021 or your faction's Codex, whichever was released more recently. 

We want all players to have a fair chance to assess what armies they might be playing, and we need time to make sure all lists are legal. Failure to upload your army list by the deadline will result in 50 VP being deducted from your VP total at the end of the event. That's as bad as never scoring a painting point!

Players are expected to have physical copies of the rules for the units in their army, and the Grand Tournament 2021 pack. 



10:00 - Doors open for registration.
10:30 - Round 1 start.
13:00 - Round 1 ends. Lunch break.
13:30 - Round 2 start.
16:00 - Round 2 ends.
16:15 - Round 3 start.
18:45 - Round 3 ends. Painting winner announced. 
19:00 - Day 1 afterparty at the Keystone.


10:00- Store opens.
11:00 - Round 4 start.
13:30 - Round 4 ends. Break.
14:00 - Round 5 start. 
16:30 - Round 5 ends. Winners announced and prizes awarded! 

*subject to change and legal drinking age