Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Party 18/02/24
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We are very excited and proud as a premium store to announce our next Commander Party!

What is a Commander Party?

A Commander Party is a new way for players to experience both Magic: The Gathering and Commander! A Commander Party will tell a narrative tale that is taking place during the ever changing mystery in Karlov Manor.

The event sign ups will start from 11:30am with the event starting at 12pm.

Each player will get a standard booster of their choice AND a Karlov Manor Play Booster for entering. The event will be held at Casual Rel and our turn 7 rule will be in effect.

The top 4 players throughout the day will also be awarded a spin on our amazing prize wall filled with key cards!

For entering each player will also receive a Foil yet to be revealed promo!

Price £10