MTG Special: New Year, New Draft 7/1/24
In Stock!

Its time to ring in the new year for MTG and send draft boosters off with a bang! 

Its New Year, New Draft! 

A standard draft format with a very minor but impactful twist, every player will get 3 March of the Machine Draft Boosters AND they will pick one standard priced draft booster from our expansive collection to add to the pool with them having first pick! 

It's an element of chaos in a skill based format so test you talent when you don't know what's coming! 

Start time 1:00pm 


For every player there will be 1 set booster ticket added to the prize pool per player, these tickets will be divided amongst the best performing players at the end of the event according to both placing and metrics and can be redeemed at a ratio of: 

1:1 for standard priced set boosters

3:2 for premium priced set boosters 


See you all there!