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Merseyfaux 3 (29/04/17)

Merseyfaux 3 (29/04/17)


In conjunction with our local Henchman Kevin we have arranged bringing Merseyfaux back for a third instalment!


This is a 3 round 50ss Gaining Grounds event


10am Sign up for 10:30 start finish 6pm.


There will be a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a spoon will be presented to the best loser (last place).
Scoresheets will also include a box to vote for your favourite opponent of the day who will receive a trophy (in the case of a tiebreaker this will go to whoever finished highest)
Painting is not a requirement, but very much encouraged. A player vote will determine your favourite crew, 50ss from the faction you are playing that day. A trophy will be presented to 1st and 2nd in this category.

Raffle tickets will be given when you hand in your vote for best painted. The number of prizes will be dependent on the number of entrants on the day and what is available through the Wyrd henchmen program (as has been the case for a few months now, at the time of writing there is no stock of guilders to send out but I will order some limited edition models if official prize packs aren’t available)

Strategies and Schemes - To be generated one week before the event and posted on the forum, twitter and this facebook event

The event will be capped at 32 players, and entry is available direct from Justplay, through this event page or the website

The event and rulespack is listed on the wyrd forums, available through this link

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