Marvel Crisis Protocol Tournament (5/12/21)
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JustPlay in crisis!


We will play 3 rounds of Swiss, meaning the first round is randomly paired and in subsequent rounds, players will be paired against players on the same win/loss record. 

The event will follow the Unlimited format and rosters must be uploaded to the event before midnight on the preceding Thursday on Longshanks:

Rosters and Squads

The Banned and Restricted list is to be followed when building your roster!

As per the Crisis Protocol Floor Rules: all models must be painted to a finished standard, including the base, or they may not be used in the event. 

Terrain & Tables

We will provide mats and what terrain we can! While we're building up our crisis protocol terrain selection, we request any player who can to bring 2 pieces of terrain with them on the day. We appreciate you!


The winner of the event will receive a custom illuminated trophy courtesy of Lambda Design!
The winner of the Best Painted award will receive £10 in Justplay Vouchers
Additional Crisis Protocol prizes will be up for grabs subject to availability - watch this space!

Painting Award

Between rounds 2 and 3, any player who wishes to enter the Best Painted vote should choose 4 of their models for consideration. They should be placed in a group at Table 1 at the beginning of the lunch break. Each player casts 1 vote for their favourite group. Once your vote is cast you receive 1 Bonus Tournament Point, so it's important that you vote even if not taking part!


10.00 - Doors open, registration.
10.30 - Round 1 begins
12.15 - Round 1 ends.

12.30 - Round 2 begins
14.15 - Round 2 ends, break for lunch

During the lunch break players will vote for the Best Painted award!

14.45 - Round 3 begins
16.30 - Round 3 ends
16.45 - Round 4 begins
19.30 - Tournament ends, winners announced and prizes given.