Lorcana Win-a-box 27/01/24
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Start Time 11:00am 

Entry £12

Number of Round and Top 8 cut dependant on turn out. 

A grand prize up for grabs this time with the following details 

Less than 8 Players: 3 packs per player into a grand prize pool

8 Players: 1 Full Lorcana Set 2 Box (24 Packs) 

13+ Players: 2 Additional packs into the prize pool for every player over 12

Prizes distributed between the top cut players with the Top 4 also winning a Pin Badge from S1. 

Lorcana competitive rules as defined by Ravensburger will be in effect, more information on this is available via the Ravensburger website. 

Chief among these are:

- No devices capable of long term electronic recording are not allowed to be used during the game

- sign ups via Melee.gg is mandatory for entry

- No notes are permitted to be taken during the game itself with the exception of current lore count. 

Rounds will be dependant on attendance and number of players