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Keyforge Monthly 16/12/18

Keyforge Monthly 16/12/18

£10.00 £12.00

Our First Keyforge Monthly event wrapping up our Dawn of Discovery for December!


Continuing our trend of trying out all the exciting ways to play Keyforge this will be no different our first best of three event using the Triad Variant

In the Triad variant, you and your opponent each bring three decks to a best-two-of-three match, then choose one of your opponent's decks to eliminate. To win the match, you must win with both of your two remaining decks.

Players will take part in a number of swiss rounds based on attendance

In best of three matches players will have 90 minutes


The top 16 players receive a play set of Power Tokens

The Winner receives a exclusive Playmat  

Additional Archon decks will be added to the prize pool based on attendance


£10 in advance with 24 tickets available each player will also receive a lunch served from our kitchen!



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