Justplay Commander Series: Pauper Commander 25/6/23
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Justplay is proud to announce it's newest Commander event, Pauper Commander!


Inspired by the popular alternative commander format Pauper, this method of commander will be following 3 very distinct rules

1. Your commander must be an uncommon creature, it does not have to be legendary for this event

2. Every card in your main 99 card deck must have been printed at least once throughout mtg history as a common rarity card, denoted by the C on the bottom left

3. The L keyword on basic lands will count as a C for this event, so will be allowed. 

Each player will receive a set booster on entry the top 4 players will receive the below spins on the prize wall.. Every point you acquire during the event will be converted into a "raffle" ticket with one lucky player receiving the Secret Lair!

  •  1st place 4 spins
  • 2nd place 3 spins
  • 3rd place 2 spins
  • 4th place 1 spin

The Event Pack rulings are as follows

  • - WotC ban list for all commander cards will be used.
  • - Proxies will not be permitted during this tournament, all cards must be MTG legal.
  • - Our turn 7 rule will be in effect as always, no removing players from the game or creating an unwinnable board state before turn 0 or you will get no points and your next game will be a mulligan down to 0.


Throughout the day players will accumulate points based on placing per game 

1st - 4 points 

2nd - 3 points

3rd - 2 Points

4th - 1 points

Sign ups from 11:30am 

Start time 12:00pm 

 Any queries please message the store.