Justplay Commander Series: Battle for Helms Deep 8/7/23
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Justplay is proud to announce it's newest Commander event: Battle for Helms Deep

Full rules will be unveiled on the day as to not spoil the surprise but none will affect decks allowed so bring whatever you think is best! 

This is a casual event aimed at remaining fun while playing the game in a unique way so our turn 7 rule will be in effect. 

One of the most iconic battle of the series, the battle of helms deep was a climactic battle in the campaign against Rohan by Saruman and his newly born horde of Uruk-Hai. This commander event will let players relive that climactic battle on either side with ploys and events throughout the day changing the state of the game. 

Hold the line or break down the walls 

Middle Earth is in your hands. 

Event Rules

- WotC banlist will be in effect for standard commander

- Any queries about the event please email the store with a "FAO Liam" and we will get back to you as soon as possible

- Points will be awarded for winning games throughout the day along with announced ploys at set times throughout each round. 

- A Justplay staff member will be available for both Ruling calls and general queries throughout the day 


Every player will get a set booster on entry and entry into the LOTR quiz happening after round 2 

The quiz will happen at the end of round two, players who want to participate simply inform a staff member

15 questions will be asked

5 based on Book trivia

5 Based on Film trivia

4 based on the expanded universe (Hobbit, silmarillion, other writings) 

1 wild card question 


Sign ups from 11:30am 

Start time 12:00pm 

 Any queries please message the store.