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Justice Series VIII (03/06/18)

Justice Series VIII (03/06/18)

£10.00 £12.50

A one day, 3 game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles.

Entry is £10 per player advanced purchase or £12.50 on the day. With every player receiving £5 stores credit added to their account.

Painting Requirements and House Rules.

Miniatures must be painted (3 colors and based) and be the appropriate GW models if you have any queries about this contact us in advance.

*A step up in strictness on this now allowed a few things past last few events but now would like to push fully completed armies.

Otherwise General Handbook 2017 rules will be in use with random mission each round but we will not play the same mission twice.

Full rulepack can be found here


The winner will receive a trophy.

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