Inquisitors' TIE Expansion Pack
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An experimental craft reserved for elite agents of the Empire such as the dreaded Inquisitors, the TIE Advanced v1 has numerous cutting-edge features that skilled pilots can leverage to deadly effect. The craft’s high-precision thrusters and flexible controls let its pilots tirelessly pursue their prey across the galaxy.

A groundbreaking starfighter in its own right, this ship becomes even more deadly in the hands of Force-sensitive pilots like the Grand Inquisitor  or the Seventh Sister. When paired with a set of Afterburners , these pilots have unprecedented control over these fearsome starfighters.

This expansion pack includes everything you need to add one TIE Advanced v1 ship to your Imperial squadrons, including reprints of four ship cards and five upgrade cards for the benefit of new players, as well as two Quick Build cards to get you off the ground even faster.