Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander Party
In Stock!

We are very excited and proud as a premium store to announce our first Commander Party! 

What is a Commander Party?

A Commander Party is a new way for players to experience both Magic: The Gathering and Commander!

A Commander Party will tell a narrative tale that is taking place on Innistrad, each player will play in pods but will be given a faction card, as a player performs game actions they may be able to give their faction members in other pods benefits and bonuses! 

A player will only need a Commander deck to take part! 

The Event 

We will be hosting the Commander Party on Saturday 30th October, Sign up for the event will start from 10:30am with the event starting at 11am.

Each player will get a booster of 'Commander Legends' for entering and we will add two into the prize pool which will be awarded to the players in the winning faction!

The event will be held at Casual Rel and our turn 7 rule will be in effect.*

For entering each player will also receive a slew of goodies*, including a Conjurer's Closet promo

we will update any special extras as they get announced!

Entry - £15

Format - Commander

It's Halloween! 

There is no better time to experience the horrors of Innistrad than on Halloween! To get into the spooky spirit we are inviting our players to arrive in fancy dress, this is not mandatory but any player who does will get a free foil promo pack! 

*Our turn 7 rule means that no player can win before turn 7 or put themselves into a position where other players are locked out of the game before turn 7 (such as mass land destruction) This rule means that every player, regardless of deck power or experience gets to enjoy the game that we all love

*While stocks last