Innistrad: Crimson Vow Prerelease (12/11/21 - 14/11/21)
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You are invited to the wedding of Innistrad's one and true supreme vampire, Olivia Voldaren, but be careful... it's an event to die for!

Event Schedule

Friday Evening - 6:00pm sign up for a 6:30pm Start. 4 Round Maximum 

Saturday Morning - 10:00am sign up for a 10:30am  5 Round Maximum 

Saturday Evening - 4:00pm sign up for a 4:30pm Start 4 Round Maximum

Sunday Morning - 10:30am for a 11:00am start 4 Round Maximum 

Sunday Evening - 3:00pm sign ups for a 3:30pm Start 4 Round Maximum 

Prerelease Structure 

A Prerelease is a sealed deck event, upon entry you will be given a kit which contains:

- Random Foil Date Stamped Promo of any Rare or Mythic in the Set 

- 6 Draft Boosters 

- A Spindown D20 with the sets symbol as the number 20 

You will build a sealed deck from the cards you open (Basic lands will be provided) and play swiss rounds against other players who have done the same! 

If you have never played swiss before you can find out all you need to know here


Pre-release Tickets are £25.00 Each or you can use the following codes for discounts! 

2 for £45 - ICV2

4 for £90 - ICV4


Each Player gets a set booster for entering and JustPlay will put one set booster per person into the prize pool!

Stay at Home 

We are now offering Stay at Home Prereleases! At any point over the Prerelease Weekend you are now able to come and collect any kits that you have ordered or have delivered to your door!