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Guilds of Ravnica - Prerelease Tickets 29/09/18-30/09/18

Guilds of Ravnica - Prerelease Tickets 29/09/18-30/09/18


Magic returns to Ravnica!!!

Entry for the events over the weekend each will include 5 boosters and a seeded booster, composed entirely of cards relevant to that player’s guild. So, each Prerelease Pack includes five Guilds of Ravnica boosters, plus the seeded pack.


tickets sold on the day will be first come first served

Every player will get one prize booster for taking part and also put one booster into the prize pool for the top finishing players after the Swiss rounds.

Also we have additional prize support from Ultimate Guard deck boxes sleeves and more.

Your choices are as follows

Friday Midnight

00.01 Sign up for a 00.15 Start (3 Round Cap)


Morning 10.00am Sign up for a 10.30am Start (5 Round Cap)

Afternoon 4.00pm Sign up for a 4.30pm Start (4 Round Cap)


Morning 10.30am Sign up for a 11.00am Start

Afternoon 4.00pm Sign up for a 4.30pm Start (4 Round Cap)

Prerelease Party

A new way to get involved in Pre Release if you are new to the game, prefer a more casual setting with friends or are just short on time!

Sign up from 12:30pm Saturday or Sunday for a 1pm start.

Each player will get a Prerelease pack and as normal build their 40 card sealed deck. Instead of playing in a structured tournament you can play games against other party goers as few or as many as you like. You will also have a score card to keep track of your games and achievements and collect additional Dominaria booster packs before release!

Each event is £25 or you can get entry to get ANY ONE PERSON two events for £45 (the same person may not play in the same event twice) use code GOR5 during check out and once again they are all available to buy online reserve your spot now last time was nearly a complete sell out and we expect it to be no different this time!

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