Flesh & Blood: Welcome to Rathe Unlimited Booster Box
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After generations of peace, war has come again to Rathe. Pick up your weapon and charge into battle with Flesh and Blood!

Welcome to Rathe is the first release of the now-hit TCG Flesh and Blood. This is the Unlimited set, and will not contain some of the cards featured in the First Edition. Welcome to Rathe does not contain class cards for the following:

Shadow Brute
Shadow Runeblade

Unlock the power of Rathe's heroes! Rhinar, the Brute, hailing from the Savage Lands. Abandoned as a cub, he fights like a beast possessed, and he shows this in gameplay! His Intimidate ability and damage based on random chance makes him unpredictable.

The set's Guardian, Bravo, treats combat like a performance. By setting the stage and building the hype, he leads to a single crushing blow! Utilise Aura cards and the insane power of Crush cards to control your enemy. Katsu, the Wanderer is the set's Ninja. Based around 1v1 fighting games, his unparalleled combat ability allows you to string together attacks! Many cards in his deck gain benefits when used in the correct order, stacking up the damage and effects.

Dorinthea Ironsong is the Warrior. With the concept of the Warrior being a highly adaptive and reactive type, Dorinthea gets to break the game order to cancel attacks! Use your ability cards wisely to power up Dawnblade and unleash a barrage of steel on your opponent!

Each Booster Pack contains:

1 Token
4 Generic commons
7 Class commons (Brute, Guardian, Ninja and Warrior)
1 Rare
1 Rare/Super Rare/Majestic
1 Equipment card
1 Foil card (Can be any rarity. Cannot be a token)

Booster box contains 24 booster packs.