Fallout Commander Launch 10/03/24
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War. War Never Changes

Commander however is introducing a massive change in the inclusion of Universes Beyond: Fallout!

Venture into the wasteland and come across characters, equipment, events and of course, Rads. 

Throughout the day multiple players will engage each other using these unique mechanics to see who stands above the rest. 

Only Fallout Commander Precon decks can be used during this event but any valid commander from the deck of your choice can be used 

Every pod will have points divided as such 

1st: 4 Points

2nd: 3 Points

3rd: 2 Points

4th: 1 Point 

Each point will be converted into a raffle ticket that will determine at the end of the day who gets a random Secret Lair! 

Start time 12:00pm 

Quiz Start: 2:00pm 

Round 2 Start: 2:20pm

Round 3 Start: 4:20pm

and that's not the end, after round 1 there will be a Fallout quiz with a coveted collector booster on the line for the person who proves the most knowledgeable about everything in the Wild Wild Wasteland! 

and all it costs is the purchase of a Fallout, Universes Beyond precon, add this ticket for free to your basket with any preorder to reserve your spot.