L5R Roleplaying Game: Courts of Stone
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From sprawling coastline estates to towering fortresses, Rokugani castles are centers of power for the clans that control them. Beyond acting as military strongholds, these beacons of Imperial culture act as the battlegrounds for clashes of political discourse, where the fate of the empire may be decided by a mere handful of courtiers. Here, nobles spin their intrigues, hiding treachery behind a smile as they plot to destroy their enemies with a well-placed lie, a cunning alliance, or spies, shinobi, and assassins in every shadow. Now, as the world of Rokugan continues to open before you in the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, you have the chance to put your wits and diplomacy to the test like never before.

Welcome to the Courts

This 144-page sourcebook is a comprehensive guide to Rokugan’s castles, keeps, and courts, where a key grain of information, a sharp wit, and a well-placed word can be deadlier than any sword. In this book, you will discover the secrets of the Empire’s seats of power, as well as new rules for integrating shinobi characters into your campaigns, and a wealth of information about the Crane Clan. Complete with a host of new schools, techniques, weapons, apparel, artifacts, and cultural information, Courts of Stone provides you with everything you need to build an immersive roleplaying experience that puts you in the heart of the Emerald Empire courts.