The Justice Series RETURNS 9/01/2021
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Please read our updated Covid-19 policy regarding events
The Justice Series is back!

Capacity is still limited - this will be a 10-player event, using all our best scenery with plenty of distance between tables for your safety.  

Battleplans: We will be using all 12 missions in the General's Handbook 2020 matched play section for battleplans. A battleplan will be selected at the start of each round.
Realms: No realm rules from the General's Handbook 2020 will be in play
Standard General's Handbook 2020 rules will be in use along with all current Games Workshop FAQ's. Scoring will follow a Major/Minor victory system:
Major Win: 30 Tournament Points
Minor Win 15 Tournament Points
Draw: 10 Tournament Point
Minor Loss: 5 Tournament Points
Major Loss: 0 Tournament Points
Auxiliary Objectives will award 1 Tp for each of yours you complete. 2 per round.
Whoever has the most tournament points will be crowned Best General and declared the winner of the event. In the case of a tie, we will use Strength of Schedule as a tiebreaker; then Extended Strength of Schedule
We want this event to look amazing for your maximum enjoyment.
Painted - 10 Bonus Points
Based - 10 Bonus Points
Coherent Army - 10 Bonus Points


The winner will receive the Justice Series trophy. The winner of Best Painted will receive a £5 gift voucher!