Commander League - Stay at Home Edition
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Commander League is back!

League Structure

Each league will span 4 weeks and each week will consist of 2 pods of commander played. A player will receive points depending on where they place in the pod. After 8 weeks there will be a top 8 pod playoff where those players have a chance of winning extra boosters! 

League games will be played via Spelltable and the JustPlay discord. 

Also a account will be required and ideally the Companion app. So before playing we will need either your wizards account email or for you to have the companion app set up. We highly recommend this!


6:30pm start time

Pods of 3/4 playing multiplayer Commander. 

2 swiss rounds, 90 minute per round time limit 

Points awarded by order of elimination, with the last player standing finishing 1st and so on:

1st 4 points

2nd 3 points

3rd 2 points

4th 1 point

Players eliminated at the same time will split points for their finishes.

Any player killing an opposing player before turn 7 will score 0 points for the round regardless of their finish.

Playing at home. 

We appreciate that commander takes a lot of forms and is a unique gaming experience, but we heavily advise that players are aware of the cards in their decks and would make deck changes if a particular card would make online play difficult. For example, Gonti, Lord of Luxury is impossible to implement via online play. If you are looking at a card and wondering whether it would be awkward to use via Spelltable, there is a good chance that it would be. Please be considerate to your fellow players!

Prizes and Entry 

£6 to enter, each player gets a booster pack. The prize pool will accumulate boosters weekly depending on the amount of players taking part to be awarded in the Grand Final. 

Along with weekly Booster/Promo Pack Prizes.

How do I get my booster?

Each player who enters will be given a discount code which will get them a free booster via the checkout. You will be able to select store collection or shipping. You can save up your league boosters by choosing store collection each week and when you want them all posted just choose shipping on the next one and make a note on the order!