Commander Special: Brave the Dungeon (28/11/21)
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Brave the Dungeon, if you dare...

The Event

We will be hosting our next Commander Special on Sunda
y 28th November, Sign up for the event will start from 10:30am with the event starting at 11am.

The event structure will be similar to a swiss event where players will play in pods based on their number of points (1st place will get 4, 2nd will get 3 etc). The number of rounds (pods) will depend on the amount of players.

Each player will get a booster of 'Commander Legends' for entering and we will add one for each player into the prize pool which will be awarded to the players with the highest number of points!

This one however, is a little special. Players will have a chance of winning special foil Ampersand Promos through out the day, these foils are very rare and highly coveted.

The event will be held at Casual Rel and our turn 7 rule will be in effect.*

Entry - £10

Format - Commander

Achievement Lists

In addition to our regular prizes each player will be given an achievement list before the rounds begin, for every 2 achievements earnt a player will earn a promo pack, if all the achievements are earnt a player will receive a foil promo pack. 

If your commander is a legendary creature from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms you will get a promo pack upon entry.

If the turn 7 rule is broken, you will be forced to mulligan to 0 in the next pod and you will score 0 points for the current round.