Commander Special: Bounty Hunt 22/10/23
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It's time for our latest commander special! 

Players are getting out of hand here at justplay, it's time to put a few bounties out and see if anyone can take them down! Its commander series, Bounty Hunt. 

Games will progress throughout the day with players earning points for beating other players directly within your pod. 

But there's a catch, the more successful you are and the more players you remove then the higher your bounty becomes and the more points other players get for taking you down. Find a balance between notoriety and hunting down the most dangerous players! 

In a twist the initial bounty points for your commander will be assigned from 1-3 simply based on how threatening the artwork looks on your commander card! decided by our staff TO on the day. 

For each player you beat you get a number of points equal to half the number of points rounded up they have collected throughout the day at the moment of removal! 

The winner of the event, with the most points throughout the day will get a random secret lair! 

Every player will receive one wilds of eldraine set booster and one standard set booster of their choice upon entry. 

Key rules for the event

- Win condition cards will not count as removing the players directly

- A player that removes themself from the game will lose half the points they have currently collected

- The day will consist of as many games as possible between 12pm and 6pm with a 2 hour cap on games. 

Sign up 11:30 am

Start: 12:00 pm