Commander: Christmas Special  - 11/12/21
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The Event

We are hosting a Commander event on Saturday 11th December, sign ups for the event will start from 10:30am with the event starting at 11am.

The event structure will be similar to a swiss event where players will play in pods based on their number of points (1st place will get 4, 2nd will get 3 etc).

The amount of rounds will depend on the amount of players.

The Prizes

Each player will get a booster of 'Commander Legends' for entering and we will add one for the prize pool which will be awarded to the players on the highest points after 3 rounds!

We also have a very special 'Love your Local Game Store' Karn Liberated playmat that we will award to the winner of the event, the Top 8 will also receive a very special Karn Liberated pin badge. 

Each player will be given an achievement list and we be able to complete achievements throughout the day to earn promo packs! 

Event will be held at Regular REL

Entry - £10

Format - Commander