Commander Masters Preview: Commander Draft 29/7/23
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The very first time to play with Commander Masters cards at our WPN Premium store event! 

It's a special format last seen for Commander Legends, Commander Draft! 

To refresh your memory: 

Inspired by one of the most popular formats, this is a multiplayer fight to the finish! At the start of Commander Draft, each player opens one of three booster packs and drafts two cards into their card pool at a time. This play style is generally meant for increments of four players, and the seating arrangement should be at random. You may add multiples of the same card to your deck and each deck must have at least 60 cards.

  • Each player starts at 40 life
  • Players can attack multiple players at a time
  • Last player standing wins
  • One Legendary card drafted must be designated as your commander, If no legendary cards are drafted then a proxy copy of "The Faceless One" will be supplied to that player to use as a commander. 


Pods will have a maximum size of 8 and each pod will have a 3 round swiss pairing to decide the victors. 

Each player will receive 3 draft packs and Justplay will put 1 in the prize pool to be divided amongst that pods top players are the end of the event. 

1st Place: 50% of the prize packs 

2nd Place: 25% of Prize Packs

3rd and 4th Place: 12.5% of Prize Packs

The top player in each pod will receive 3 spins on your prize wall, the runner up will receive 2 and Third place in each will receive 1. 

Doors will open at 10:30 with drafting time beginning at 11am

Entry price: £57.99