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The Blood Bowl box comes with everything you need to start playing Blood Bowl.

Two teams with:

12 humans players (2x BlItzers, 2x Throwers, 2x Catchers and 6x Linemen, plus balls an counters)

12 Orc players (2x Black Orc Blockers, 2x Blitzers, 2x Throwers, 6 Linemen, plus balls and counters)

A 56-page rulebook

A double-sided fold-out card pitch (one human pitch and one Orc pitch)

Two sets of special Blood Bowl dice (one blue set for humans and one green set for Orcs)

Various plastic templates such as a range ruler, scatter template and a throwing template

A card deck containing Special Play cards, four Star Player card and player reference cards

Decal sheet, containing number as well as human and orc symbols

Two sides rules reference sheets