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Battlebond Launch Drafts

Battlebond Launch Drafts


Battlebond is the first set in Magic's history designed specifically for Two-Headed Giant play! Some sets, like Oath of the Gatewatch, have dabbled with this in the past, but Battlebond takes that to the next level. The new mechanics in Battlebond are unlike anything we've ever done in Magic, and they really elevate the promise of Two-Headed Giant to its full potential!

Little in Magic is better than playing with a friend. And whether you and your best friend have been playing for ages and want to team up together (paging Paul Cheon and Luis Scott-Vargas to the Draft queue!) or you're looking for the perfect chance to bring someone who is hoping to get their foot in the Magic door (perhaps a child, significant other, family member, or even just lapsed Magic player), Battlebond is the ideal set.

The set highlights so well what our 25th anniversary is about. It gives players who have stuck with Magic for a long time and made it a huge part of their lives a chance to play together, while simultaneously being a great chance to invite newer players in.

Draft (Saturday)

  • Each team of two will receive four Battlebondbooster packs to start the draft. (You can do six, but make sure that's known in advance.)
  • Teams will open one booster and pick two cardsfrom the pack before passing the booster pack to the next team on their left. This continues with teams taking two cards from the packs being passed around until there are no cards left to pick.
  • Pack rotation remains left (clockwise) for the first pack, right (counter clockwise) for the second, left for the third, and right for the fourth pack.
  • Teams play single game matches.


Sign up at 6pm for a 7pm Start


Each player 1 pack in the prize (so two pair team)

Entry and Tickets

£21 per team of two. 

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