Bagration German Hetzer Tank-Hunter Platoon
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Although armed with a 7.5cm gun like their bigger cousins the Panzer IV/70, these small tank destroyers were built on the chassis of the Panzer 38(t). As such they were slightly more manoeuvrable over rough ground and far exceeded the Panzer IV chassis on road speed.

Crewed with fresh recruits and led by experienced tank platoon leaders, their skill rating suffers compared to the Panzer IV/70, but this is more than made up in the cost saving in their points per tank. A typical company needs 8-10 of these great all-rounders and so are a good bet players will need a couple of boxes to complete their force.

Also with an all-plastic sprue, this kit offers the option of building a Flammpanzer (Flamethrower) Hetzer, a Marder (7.5cm) as a support option and is great for a multitude of uses in German Forces on the Eastern Front.