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Age of Sigmar Social 06/10/18

Age of Sigmar Social 06/10/18

£5.00 £7.50

The Social is a day of fun gaming intended to introduce members of the local (and extended, if you fancy a bit of travel - anyone is welcome!) AOS community to eachother in a fun and relaxed environment, and through the medium we all enjoy the most - having our models fight eachother!
This one-day event follows a very simple format:
*Matched Play rules as per the Rulebook
*1000 point armies
*Games will be played on a 4'x4' board
*3 rounds of swiss-style tournament (meaning that winners play winners)
*Tiebreakers will be decided on kill points scored, followed by kill points difference, across all of your games
*Two hours per round
Open War!
*At the start of each round, we will draw a deployment card and an objective card from our open war deck. All players will then play their games with these victory conditions. Build your army to be ready for anything!
*Models must be painted and based (minimum one colour - no bare plastic, and not just undercoated black/white/grey, but painted/sprayed a basecoat colour is acceptable)
*We encourage everyone attending to bring lists that will be enjoyable to play, but also do try to win too!
*The winner will receive The Social trophy to hold until the next social happens, and have their name engraved on the plaque!
*A £5 voucher for coolest looking army - not this is NOT a best painted award, if your army looks great you can win regardless of your skill level!
*Last place will receive the ubiquitous wooden spoon, signed by all of your fellow AOS players!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us on or join our Games Workshop Facebook Group and ask away.
Whether you're local or fancy travelling to meet some Liverpool AOS players, we hope to see you there!
Grab your tickets now £5 in advance £7.50 on the day

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