Into the Grimdark: Beginners' 40K Tournament (12/12/2021)
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Welcome to all our new Warhammer 40,000 players and academy graduates! If you don't consider yourself a new player, please attend one of our other tournaments for more experienced players instead! 

The Event

This event will be two extended rounds of 2000 point games, using Swiss pairing (meaning winners from a round will normally play other winners in the next round) 

If there are Covid restrictions on the day, you may be sorted into a pod of players upon registering, and you'll play all of your games within that pod. Otherwise, you could be drawn against anyone across the event.

Registration will open at 10am and the first game will begin at 10.30am sharp!

We're aiming for this to be a teaching experience to introduce players to a tournament atmosphere without fear of coming up against top-tier players! 

In the spirit of preparing you for competitive play, we will be using full Matched Play rules with missions picked from the Chapter Approved 2021 Strike Force missions.

Your TO on the day won't be offering any coaching or advice, but will be on hand to answer any and all gameplay questions, so don't hesitate to ask for clarification on anything at all! We'll also take a few moments before each round begins to talk through that round's mission.


The ticket price includes £5 store credit for each player, and a trophy for the winner. The best painted army, as voted by the players, also receives £5 store credit.


Your army list must be submitted to the event before midnight on Tuesday before the event. This gives us time to check over them! It must include your units with points and wargear options, your Warlord, Warlord Trait, and any psychic powers and relics.

Once you have your ticket, you can sign up for the event on This is where the pairings and scoring are recorded, so it's very important that you do this!

Our painting requirement for this event is nil - all we ask is that your models are fully assembled, on the correct size base and have all the correct gear modelled on them to avoid any confusion.