Hopefully this page will answer our most asked questions about our membership scheme. If not contact us and we will be happy to help.


Q: I want to book at table to play but my friend is not a member can I still book for free? 

A: Yes you can just book using your membership link and your friend can pay on arrival

Q: I am a member but want to bring a non member to play in the Wargaming room is that ok?

A: Yes, Members can bring guests whenever they want

Q: Can you tell me more about "Discounted and Advanced event tickets"?

A: We intend to give all members 10% off event tickets. We are working on how we implement this seamlessly currently.

Q: Are you going to be adding more benefits ?

A: Yes in the future we will be working to add more benefits to the scheme. We would love to hear any of your suggestions.