Magic Academy

Learn to play the world's most popular trading card game

What is Magic: The Gathering?

In a game of Magic, players take the role of wizards in a thrilling magical duel. Take turns to cast spells, summon creatures, or enlist the help of powerful planeswalkers in a mighty clash of sorcerous power!

Players construct a deck from their collection of cards, in their choice of colours, and use their deck to do battle.

Which Magic colour are you?


  • The White Mage, defender of good
  • The Blue Mage, conjuring powerful illusions
  • The Black Mage, wielding power over death
  • The Red Mage, controlling the primal elements of fire
  • The Green Mage, evoking monstrous creatures


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How does Magic Academy Work?


During your demo session, you will receive a FREE deck and your mentor will teach you the basics of how to play in an introductory game. Then take your deck home with you, and enjoy playing Magic!


In your second session, your mentor will teach you how to build your own unique Magic deck using cards from your collection!


In your third session, your mentor will teach you the advanced rules of the game and show you how you can use this knowledge to improve your games of Magic!


Using all that you have learned, you'll face off against your mentor in a mighty Wizard's duel. After that, maybe you'd like to try our weekly Magic events!

Five Reasons to Join Magic Academy

Be Social

Meet and play with people in a relaxed, inclusive environment. Join a community from all around the world, united by a love of Magic!

Be Creative

Choose the colours that represent you, build your own unique deck, and play Magic your way!

Explore the World

More than just a game - explore twenty-five years of story, history, and artwork!


We run regular game nights where you can test your skills against other fellow Magic players, and you could work your way up to playing on the international stage a a Magic Mythic Championship!

Screens Off

Play games face-to-face with fellow gamers - no screens involved!

Here's What Others Loved about Magic Academy

"I really enjoy Magic, and that all started at JustPlay. I dont mind whether I win or lose, but I always have a great time and it's thanks to the JustPlay Magic Academy!"

-Tom Lees

"The guys at JustPlay introduced me to Magic and I've never looked back. Now I travel around the country playing in events! I'd recommend it to anyone"

-Darren Caveney

"JustPlay's mentors helped me to become the Planeswalker that I am today"

-Ajani Goldmane