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With Redgrass' Everlasting Wet Palette you can step away from your project for minutes, hours or days at a time and be confident that your paint won't go dry on you. Practise advanced techniques without fear of losing paint colour or consistency. Blend like a pro!
  • 1 Everlasting wet palette Studio XL (20x30cm)
  • 50 XL sheets of hydration paper
  • 2 XL hydration foam pads
  • 1 Wavy accessory
  • 1 strap band


  • 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint.
  • Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach WAVY 
  • No need to worry about your brush rolling away as each wave can be used to place your brush
  • Can be attached to either side of the palette depending on preference
  • Easy cleaning


  • Mold resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Extra flat
  • Hydrophilic = can hold a lot of water
  • Works best with Everlasting Hydration paper sheets


  • Unique formula
  • No bleeding – No overflowing
  • Perfect to master advanced painting technics
  • Resistant
  • Cut to dimension