One Piece Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] Prerelease Event: 11/03/23
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An early chance to get access to the newest set!:

A second booster themed around PARAMOUNT WAR! Featuring characters such as Whitebeard Pirates, The Three Admiral, Ivonkov, and many others who went on a rampage in PARAMOUNT WAR! Also includes a number of cards that can enhance the deck to be released simultaneously!


This event is capped at 16 players and will be taking registration via TCG+ on ticket purchase. 

Each player will be supplied with 6 Paramount War packs upon entry to construct a deck to play with, with rounds going into a top cut needed. 

The Winner and Runner-Up will walk away with amazing Winner cards but everyone who participates will get a pre-release pack filled with some nice upgrades for any crew. 


On the day! 

- Players will be able to use any Leader card they bring, normal deck building rules do not apply to the construction of the 40 card deck for this event 

- Players must bring 10 DON!! cards to assist in deck building, these are not supplied with the kit

- Player must play at least two rounds to qualify for their Prerelease pack

- Prerelease packs and promo cards MAY NOT be used as a sideboard or during deck construction

- Rounds will be 40 minutes each and  best of 1 with each match win being worth 3 points, draws being 1 and a loss being 0 in accordance with bandai regulations. There will be no top cut for this event.


Event Price: £21.99

Start Time: 1:00 pm 

Event Cap: 16 Players