Wolverine Hero Pack: Marvel Champions
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“I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice.”

Gifted with a powerful healing factor and armed with adamantium claws that can cut through anything, the hero known as Wolverine is a force to be reckoned with. Though trained as a killer by Weapon X, Wolverine has dedicated his life to helping others as one of the X-Men.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Wolverine Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This long-awaited hero slashes his way into battle with this expansion pack, which introduces Wolverine as a new playable hero along with his sixteen signature cards. With a pre-built Aggression deck ready to play from the get-go, you’ll be able to tear your way through the villains and their minions with Wolverine’s high-damage playstyle from the moment you open the box. With his powerful healing factor and refusal to back down, Wolverine is a hero that will keep fighting until the very end.

Also, this hero pack includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the deadly Lady Deathstrike!