Bright Lights Pre-release 30th September
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“Are you tired of being just another cog in the machine? Why not become more than you could ever imagine? Join Teklo Industries and create a better future for everyone. A future… with Bright Lights!”

Bright Lights puts the boost in standalone booster set, taking you through the bustling copper streets of Metrix, a city of technological wonders and scientific advancement.

Featuring new Mechanologist heroes, Bright Lights introduces unique gameplay to Flesh and Blood, with equipment that starts in your deck. Build your own mechanized Evo suit to stomp the competition - it’s time to suit up and throw down!

To celebrate, Bright Lights Pre-release Weekend will run world wide from September 29th - 2nd October, 2023.

Our event is 30/09/23 

Start time: 1pm

What is the Bright Lights Pre-release Weekend?

What is the Format for Pre-release?
Bright Lights Sealed Deck is the format for this event.

How is this format different?

Official Bright Lights Sealed Deck events will use modified format rules, with 2 points of difference from normal Flesh and Blood Sealed Deck:

  • Bright Lights uses only FOUR booster packs per player, making it the best bang-for-your-buck Sealed Deck format yet!
  • Decks have a maximum size of 40 cards (and a minimum of 30).


Entry and Prizes 

Each player will also receive 2 additional participation boosters and JustPlay will also put 1 boosters in the prize pool. This will be awarded to players with winning records. 

For every 16 players the following prize kit will be ready to support the event

The Pre-release Weekend kit is designed to provide prize support for up to 16 players and includes the following:

  • 4 Cold Foil Cards
  • 21 Rainbow Foil HERO Cards
  • 2 Bright Lights Playmats
  • Bright Lights Token Pack (for operational purposes)

More details on distribution of these to follow

Event Length and rounds based on attendance

Prize Kits needed Players Swiss Rounds
1 8 3
1 9 - 16 4
2 17 - 32 5
3-4 33 - 64 6