It's not a trap! We're kicking off our Armada Organised play series with a bumper prize pack from the Wave 1 2019 event kit!

This will be a two-round, Swiss paired tournament, welcoming all players regardless of experience. Rounds will last two hours.

Signups open at 11am and the first game will start at 11.30am sharp! 

Prizes are exclusive to this event kit, as follows: 

Top 16 players will each receive extended art promo copies of the following: 

1x Intel Officer/Engine Techs, 1x Dengar/Punishing One, 1x Keyan Farlander/B-Wing Squadron, 1x Gunnery Team/Ordnance Specialists, 1x Captain Jonus/Gamma Squadron, 1x Overload Pulse/Veteran Gunners.