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Get your Brawl fix and stay involved with the local community by taking part in our Arena Brawl League!

How does it work?

The league will take place over the next four weeks. You need to buy your ticket by the Saturday before if you want to be entered into the next week. Each week you will be given 3 pairings to arrange a game against. Your pairings will be given out each Monday. 

At the end of the league, there will be a top cut play off for prizes. The number of people who qualify for this will be confirmed nearer the time based on the number of people who have entered into the league. 

How do I join in?

Buy this ticket online and let Cat know on our Discord server so that you can be added to the event.  Join Discord here:


You must be on Discord for this event so that we can coordinate matchups and rounds!

During your match up you can chat to your opponent using the voice channel, play a Direct Challenge game using Magic Arena, and report the result to Cat when you are done! If you need any help with Arena, we'll be happy to help you out on Discord, we're there all the time during the week.

Price & Prizes

£5 entry: £4 of which will be added to your account to spend as store credit, the other £1 will be added to the prize pool for the top standings at the end of the league.