Core 2021 Stay-at-Home Prerelease - 26th June
Core 2021 Stay-at-Home Prerelease - 26th June
Core 2021 Stay-at-Home Prerelease - 26th June
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Teferi has summoned some of Magic's most iconic throwbacks alongside powerful new cards for a set too epic for just one timeline. Draw your power from the source with Core Set 2021.

Once again we expect to unfortunately not be able to run these prereleases in-store.

If you are disappointed that you cant take part, have no fear; you can now get your prerelease kit(s) delivered to your home address and support us at the same time!

Wizards of the Coast have officially allowed at-home play, and we can deliver prerelease packs to your door* from Friday 26th of June or you can pick them up in-store.

Simply purchase your Core Set 2021 Prerelease Kit online, and you'll get all of these great value goodies ahead of the official release:

  • 6 Core Set 2021 Draft Boosters
  • 1 foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Core Set 2021

We will also be giving away a FREE booster with every prerelease pack purchased!

In addition, for every prerelease kit purchased before June 21st we will enter one ticket for you into a raffle where you could win Draft Booster Boxes, Draft Boosters, Premium and Regular promo packs, Ultimate Guard Deck boxes, sleeves, and lifepads! These will come delivered along with your prerelease packs, so it'll be an extra surprise on prerelease weekend!

As if that wasn't enough, we have some great value bundles so you can play at home with your isolation group of choice (now's the time to teach Magic to your flatmates, Mum, Dad and Nan..) and have some prizes to battle over, or just to get your hands on more Core Set 2021 cards!

Duo Bundle

  • 2 Core Set 2021 Prerelease Kits
  • Core Set 2021 Promo Pack
  • 1 Core Set 2021 Prize Draft Booster

Family Bundle

  • 4 Core Set 2021s Prerelease Kit
  • 2 Core Set 2021 Promo Packs
  • 1 Core Set 2021 Premium Promo Pack
  • 2 Core Set 2021 Prize Draft Boosters

Also don't forget that you can order all of the other Core Set 2021 products that are usually available on prerelease weekend too - Booster Boxes, Collector Boosters Boxes, and more. Find them here:

We look forward to seeing (or not seeing) you on June 21st


*We'll home deliver Prerelease kits to any L postcodes. Orders that we send by post will be sent on Thursday 16th so that they arrive in time for prerelease day. If we have a very large number of home delivery orders to make, we may choose to send your order via Royal Mail 24 (at no cost to you) to make sure that Ritchie doesn't struggle to get everything delivered on the Friday!

We appreciate that this is very different to normal operating procedure so if you're unsure of anything please drop us a line via our Website Chat, Facebook, Discord Server or any of the other usual channels.