We're Hiring - Social Media & Marketing Associate

Ian O'Brien

Social Media & Marketing Associate (Gaming)

The Basics

We're looking for someone to manage our social media, customer communications and marketing on a part-time basis. We're a small team of games enthusiasts, and we need your help to grow and improve this very fast-moving, dynamic and interesting part of our business!

The Role

Your primary responsibilities will involve:
  • Planning, writing, and scheduling posts across our social media accounts to support product releases, events, and more
  • Creating, monitoring, and continuously improving paid adverts across platforms such as Facebook and Google
  • Growing JustPlay's online communities
  • Editing and curating content contributed by other staff members
  • Supporting JustPlay with effective customer communication
  • Helping maintain and improve our website


We'd like you to have all of the following skills:
  • Experience of both the Games Workshop ecosystem and Magic: The Gathering
  • Excellent written English and communication skills
  • Some web design, website management, or similar experience - not necessarily commercial
  • Basic Facebook, Google, or related online advertising or ad management experience
  • Solid computer skills and general comfort with technology
Skills that are a nice to have, but not a deal breaker:
  • Knowledge of some or all of: card games, miniatures games, board games, trending games, general gaming knowledge
  • Knowledge of film editing, photo editing, photography, streaming, podcasting
  • SEO/SEM experience

What We're Offering

We think we're a pretty awesome employer. We're easy going and won't be on your case as long as you're working hard. We're flexible and reasonable over most things as long as you are too. On top of that, we offer a great staff discount!

We realise that this role is unusual, and we recognise that part time doesn't necessarily work for a lot of people who might otherwise be a good fit. We're prepared to work something out to find the right person. We'd be happy for you to work odd hours if you have another job or are a stay at home parent, we'd be happy for you to work remotely if you live in another part of the country. If you're interested, get in touch and let's have a chat!

How to Apply

Send an email to hello(at)justplaygames.uk, attaching your CV and giving us as brief or in-depth an introduction to yourself as you'd like to write. Please use the title "JOB APPLICATION - MARKETING ASSOCIATE" - this is important, as our mail filter won't catch your application otherwise.

To be honest, we really only want to see your CV to get an idea of what you've done before, so the main thing we're looking for is for you to write us a sweet email telling us why we should interview you.

Applications close 31st July. We're looking to recruit someone as soon as possible for this role, so expect things to move quickly. We won't be able to respond to all applicants, so thank you in advance for applying!

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